Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nortel purchases Pingtel Assets from Bluesocket

This just seems like a better fit for Pingtel rather than being with Bluesocket... That's not meant to be a knock on Bluesocket...

Here's the press release from Nortel's site: Press Release

Scott Lawrence from Pingtel posted this to sipX-users:

Effective last Monday (11 Aug), the assets of the former Pingtel have been purchased by Nortel Networks Corporation [1]. As most members of our community will have noticed, Nortel has been a major supporter of the sipXecs project for over a year now, with many Nortel employees making important contributions. The Nortel SCS 500 is based on sipXecs.

I'm happy to say that the entire Pingtel team has moved to Nortel, and that our commitment to the sipXecs open source project is unchanged. The project goes on as it has been; indeed, with the greater resources of Nortel behind it, we expect to be able to expand our scope considerably.

This will not affect any of the project infrastructure - all the lists and other resources remain the same. There will be some brief outages in some services when we move some of the servers to a Nortel facility, but these should not last more than a few days. You'll see the email addresses change to addresses.

Having this kind of commitment from an industry leader in telecom is a great endorsement of all that the sipXecs community has achieved. To all of you who have contributed your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your code: thank you again, and I hope you'll join me in celebrating this new milestone.

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