Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Using sipviewer on your PC for Windows guys

Get the following applications loaded to your PC:

Run Putty and WinSCP programs and login to your sipXecs server with each. Open sipviewer on your local machine.

With Putty go to /var/log/sipxpbx.

  • cd /var/log/sipxpbx

Navigate to the same folder in WinSCP.

In the Putty window, run the following command if you want to clear your log files:

  • logrotate -f /etc/logrotate.d/sipxchange

Try placing the call that you are attempting to diagnose.

From Putty run the following command to create a single log file with all of the sipXecs log files merged into one file:

  • merge-logs

In WinSCP, refresh the right window directory display. In that directory will be the new file named merged.xml that was just created.

With WinSCP copy the merged.xml file to your local hard drive and open it with sipviewer. You should be able to see a diagram of what your call did (according to sipXecs).

For more information on sipviewer see the Wiki page: http://wiki.sipfoundry.org/display/xecsuserV4r0/Display+SIP+message+flow+using+Sipviewer