Friday, August 15, 2008

Comments around the web on Nortel's Acquisition of Pingtel

The industry seems to be all a twitter (pun intended) about Nortel buying Pingtel. I'm really hoping they don't mess up a good thing with the acquision. I'm encouraged by the cross pollination that has been going on for about a year with the developers working together.

Ken Camp blogged about the Pingtel acquisition today... Ken always brings a unique perspective on things.

Raltime Unified Communications Blog

Over at OS-Voip they feel it is a big day for Open Source Voip. For sipX the real boost came about a year ago when Nortel started contributing to the development. I really think they were just doing their due dilligence.

OS-Voip Blog

Over at the Hyperconnected Enterprise, Tony Rybczynsk of Nortel writes briefly about the acquisition.

The Hyperconnected Enterprise Blog


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