Friday, April 16, 2010

sipXecs 4.0.4 to 4.2.0 upgrade notes and impressions

Upgrade Notes:

Installed 4.0.4 fresh from ISO (dev build 4.1.7 on my test system was trashed).
Added a user / tested.
Fixed sipxecs.repo file replacing all '5.2' mirror references with '5'. (see previous blog post)
Ran YUM update from command line (265 items to be installed / upgraded, 374 MB worth).
Rebooted server.
A little patience was required on my relatively slow lab machine (800 MHz, Xeon w/1GB of RAM)... web services came up after a couple minutes.


New login screen is a little bland w/o graphic image.

Background job listed as failed on first login (problem listed as File replication:
Created a paging group and re-sent the server profile and paging seemed to come up properly.

New GUI is better? different? I wish the tabs were starting from the left instead of centered.

Domain aliases of system IP address and host name are added automatically.

New user portal is nicer. Can't seem to import GMail contacts.

Branch concept in place... need to test.

Still no live attendant option as part of Auto Attendant.

Special Mode Auto Attendant configuration prominently available on Auto Attendants page.

GUI is much more sluggish on my dog of a test system (800 MHz, Xeon w/1GB of RAM)... time to upgrade I guess :-)

NTP server config in GUI is a nice add.

Alarm SNMP MIB now available on Alarm Configuration screen.

Alarm groups are now available for different notifications to different users (now including SMS and SNMP notification methods)

Much more but that's all I have time for at the moment...


David said...

Hi Michael,

I have seen a lot of useful article in this site. :)

I hope you can publish an article about configuring Audiocodes with SipXecs, since I have seen many post in the sipfoundry mailinglist about people having a hard time doing it. Me myself is stuck with this problem for a week.

Hoping more great articles coming from you!!!

More power!


Michael Picher said...

Thanks Rhon.

I gave up on Audiocodes a long time ago. I use Patton gateways now. You probably won't see much from me on Audiocodes.