Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tip for Uploading Voicemail Prompts

So, uploading voicemail prompts still isn't available in the web GUI for sipXecs... here's where to copy pre-recorded prompts though.

For AA prompts:


For USER greetings:

/var/sipxdata/mediaserver/data/mailstore/ (where line is the extension, like "200")

The filenames for user greetings at present are: standard.wav, extendedabsence.wav, outofoffice.wav


Anonymous said...

I use a reverse technique to record AA prompts. I have a user record an extended absence greeting and take that and upload to the AA prompt.

Michael Picher said...

I use a similar technique if I want to use the system to record the prompt. I have the person recording simply call into a voicemail box (8 + ext) and then record the message.

Then I use the user portal to go download the message file. Then hop back over to administration and upload the new file to the appropriate AA.