Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sipXecs and Skype

Caught this on the SIPFoundry web site ...

When Skype announced Skype for SIP beta applications were available we knew we had to apply. Fortunately we received our acceptance tonight and within minutes sipXbridge was making calls out the Skype for SIP network. Look for more on this when we release sipXecs 4.0 very soon.

Skype could be a major connectivity player... it certainly has become a household term!


Anonymous said...

Any chance of a setup guide for skype?

Michael Picher said...

Maybe... I was in on the beta and found a few issues with it (long call setup time was the biggest hassle). The problem was definately on the Skype end because other trunks don't do the same.

I may give it a go again once 4.2 is out and stable.