Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wireless DECT for SoundPoint IP Phones

Tony Graziano over at myITdepartment pointed me to a review he just did of the Jabra headset used in conjunction with Polycom 650 phones.

Recently, we decided to investigate headsets that were compatible with Polycom Soundpoint IP phones (SIP).

Polycom is kind enough to publish a known tested and certified list. As new models keep coming out though, the list is sorely out of date. One of the things we were trying NOT to do was use bluetooth headset. So we settled on a DECT 6.0 headset. After researching, we found that JABRA makes a wireless DECT headset that connects to BOTH the PC and phone simultaneously.Plantronics makes an excellent headset that connects to the phone only, but in our case we wanted a dual purpose headset and found this was about the same cost as the Plantronics with some extra functionality for the PC.

After reading up on it, we found there are different ordering items in relation to that headset. There was a mechanical lifter option (yuck), and there was also a EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) for Polycom phones (hooray!).

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