Saturday, September 20, 2008

sipXecs 4.0

It's been a little quiet on the sipX world lately.

Great progress is being made on version 4.0. Looks like the release however is going to be pushed to late February of 2009. It will be a big release however with NAT Traversal, ITSP bridging, Conferencing Server (thanks to FreePBX), Music on Hold for the Polycoms & their version 3.1.0 firmware and the addition of the Aastra 5x series of phones into the configurator.

Seems like the assimilation of Pingtel by Nortel has gone relatively smooth (from the outside looking in). Development is continuing at a hurried pace with the extra resouces available now as well.


Joe Attardi said...

A slight correction - the conferencing server is FreeSWITCH, not FreePBX.

Michael Picher said...

yea, got my Free stuff mixed up :-)